paulsen marketing

Compatibility is key to any working relationship, especially if you‘re after effective advertising and marketing. Do you like the people you‘re working with? Do you trust them?

Click a quiz to see if you should call Paulsen immediately. Or head for the hills.


we’re always looking for great people!

Can’t wait to see how this turns out. Maybe we’ll be sharing a restroom in a few weeks.

1. You get that advertising and marketing is hard work, and you love working hard.

2. You’re a team player with an eye for detail.

3. You enjoy good-natured ribbing and aren’t easily offended.

4. You’re a self-starter who thrives under little supervision.

5. You’re fine with paying for pop at the office, as long as beer is free.

6. You’re easily inspired and full of great ideas.

7. You’re insanely talented.

8. You are not afraid to be seen in swimwear by coworkers. (We take annual office trips.)

9. You know how to drive a tractor, track a bear and bounce back when somebody kills your idea.

10. You’re naturally curious and never stop learning.