paulsen marketing

Compatibility is key to any working relationship, especially if you‘re after effective advertising and marketing. Do you like the people you‘re working with? Do you trust them?

Click a quiz to see if you should call Paulsen immediately. Or head for the hills.


right on! you might want to hire us.

We’re pretty excited by the possibility. Hope things work in our favor.

1. You’ve seen the movie Field of Dreams and actually sort of liked it.

2. You know what teat dip is for.

3. You own a four-wheel drive because you actually need it.

4. You think it’s okay to be a little fish in a big agency pond.

5. Your ideal account exec rocks the Armani suits and custom Porsches.

6. Rapport is important to you. After all, you’ll be working with these people a lot!

7. Effective advertising and marketing is best created under extreme pressure.

8. You think big agencies in big cities do the best work.
Otherwise why would they be so big?

9. Is it okay if your agency presents work to you in jeans?

10. You think “effective” doesn’t always have to mean “expensive.”